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Welcome to Core Knowledge

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to our new school year! I am delighted to have been asked to teach Jr. Kindergarten and look forward to presenting the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence to your children. The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence consists of multiple sets of skill that educational experts have determined young children need in order to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. Children will be introduced to the alphabetic principle, (that letters represent sounds), and participate in "reading groups" where we will practice word segmentation, clapping out syllables, and blending sounds and syllables together. There will be a strong emphasis on reading comprehension, as well, as the children will discuss stories, making predictions, and story-to-story connections.

In mathematics, children will practice rote counting, learning to count from one to possibly one-hundred. More importantly, we will learn the concept of numbers. This means being able to demonstrate the quantity a numeral represents, or counting out twenty objects for the number twenty. By the end of the school year, some students may be ready for beginning addition and subtraction.

Art and art appreciation are important parts of the Preschool Sequence. Children will learn to have an eye for detail through viewing artwork, then producing similar pictures inspired by known artists. There will be plenty of opportunities for artistic experimentation. Discussing their own and other students’ works of art will expand expressive vocabularies. Music is also important to children’s development. We will listen to a variety of types of music, including classical music. We will dance and move to interpret the music. We will also make music ourselves, pounding on drums and rhythm sticks.

Children will have plenty of time for play! Play is important to the development of expressive language and social skills. Our centers, as well as outdoor play, will invite children to expand their imaginations and incorporate skills we are learning throughout the curriculum.

I know that God will bless our school year. I look forward to meeting each family personally. Feel free to ask questions or express any concerns that you may have as we proceed through the year.

Thank you for entrusting your child to me!

Miss Lesley 



Core Knowledge

(Times are estimated)
AM Daily Schedule
8:00   Arrival
8:10   Writing Skills
8:30   Recess
9:00   Snack
9:15   Independent Reading/Books
9:20   Circle Time
9:45   Science/Math/Reading Group
10:15   Centers/Music
10:40   Skill Review/Read Aloud
11:00   Dismissal
PM Daily Schedule
12:00   Arrival
12:10   Writing Skills
12:30   Recess
1:00   Circle Time/Large Groups
1:30   Centers/Music
2:00   Snack
2:25   Small Groups (Math, Reading, Science)
2:45   Skill Review /Read Aloud
3:00   Dismissal

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