Welcome to the Infant Center, where you'll find Little Blessings, Cherubs, and Lil' Lions and Lambs!


The Cherubs room is an extension of the Little Blessings. Babies enrolled in the Cherubs are registered for two or more set full days per week. Half-day programs are not available. Our teachers are committed to providing a loving and nurturing environment for your child. This is an exciting time filled with many accomplishments and new firsts for your little one.

Following closely with your desired schedule, we will begin offering suggestions as we evaluate your baby's eating and sleeping patterns. We will encourage and gently transition each baby's individual needs and make them compatible until they flow into a more set schedule. The closer we come to this goal, we will be able to do more classroom activities such as outdoor play, stroller walks, water days, snacks and lunches together. Learning to connect to a set schedule is overall preparation to success in future classes at the Sonshine Center.

Daily reports can be found on LifeCubby outlining your child's activities throughout the day including their changing schedule, feeding schedule and food amounts, sleeping times as well as any other observations of interest to you. As your baby approaches finger foods, items will be available off the center's monthly lunch menu. This room offers quality time with each baby helping them achieve sitting up, crawling, standing and eventually walking. We also provide a wide variety of age appropriate toys, equipment and music to stimulate your baby's natural curiosity and development.

Daily Reports

Our teachers will be using LifeCubby throughout the day to track your child’s daily activities. LifeCubby celebrates early learning, and connects life chapters for parents by giving them a free account that can be kept forever! Pictures and videos will be taken to share with you. You can also invite family and close friends to be “Cubby Pals” so they can see how your child is growing and thriving here at the Sonshine Center. With LifeCubby, you will be able to access your account online, as well as with the LifeCubby Parent App which you can download for free to your Apple or Android phone. The system is installed in each classroom so you can see the daily reports, activity documentation (including photos/videos), and assessments not only from your phone but also when you are in the classroom. Please go to for further information.

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